Increase Cash Flow. Strategic Tax Planning Can Lead to Significant Opportunities.

Benefit from Available Tax Credits & Deductions
Organizations across all industries are looking for ways to increase their cash flow. Decreasing tax liability through claiming available tax credits and deductions is a valuable tax planning strategy, especially during times of economic uncertainty.

The tax savings from claiming business credits and incentives allow organizations to invest more back into their business. The challenge is often knowing what opportunities exist and if you qualify.

Maximize Your Tax Savings
These are some of the valuable business tax incentives to benefit from:

  • Research & Development Tax Credit – incentive designed to reward innovation and development
  • New Energy Efficient Home Credit (Section 45L)
  • Commercial Buildings Energy-Efficiency Tax Deduction (Section 179D) - these incentives reward building and renovation of energy-efficient projects
  • Carbon Capture Sequestration Credit (Section 45Q) – incentives for capturing and storing carbon produced to reduce emissions in the air
  • Clean Energy Investment Credits (Section 48) – incentives for installing solar, wind, geothermal, fuel cell, energy storage, biogas, microgrid controllers and combined heat and power energy property
  • Employee Retention Credit (ERC) – incentive for eligible employers whose businesses have been negatively affected by COVID-19 to keep employees on payroll
  • Export Tax Incentives: FDII/IC-DISC - export incentive for U.S. manufacturers and distributors with foreign sales
  • Clean Energy Production Credits (Section 45)
  • Low Income Housing Credit (Section 42)
  • Cost Segregation - accelerate building depreciation deductions and increase cash flow opportunities
  • Fixed Asset Services - for savings throughout the lifecycle of your building asset

Partner with Eide Bailly for Your Tax Planning Needs
It’s often confusing for organizations to know which business tax credits and deductions are available to them and if they meet the criteria. A trusted tax consulting firm can help minimize the confusion and maximize the full tax savings potential.

Eide Bailly is a reputable firm with nationally recognized specialists experienced in business tax incentives.

We help clients across all industries with specialized, complex tax situations and make sure they benefit from all available tax savings opportunities. We save our clients millions of dollars in tax savings annually.

Ready to increase business cash flow and discover tax savings? It’s time to find out what available tax credits and deductions you should consider. Let’s talk.