Most businesses understand cybersecurity is a necessity in today’s business landscape. One strike can have a devastating effect on all areas of your operation. And it’s not just the IT department’s job to minimize cybersecurity risk; everyone has a stake in keeping your business protected.
Why Cybersecurity Matters
What exactly is cybersecurity? And why is it important to your organization?
Cybersecurity is the combination of people, processes and technology that protect an individual or an organization and its networks from digital attacks. Cybersecurity can also be known as information technology security, or IT security.

Why Hire a Cybersecurity Consulting Firm
The practice of cybersecurity is important because it protects organizations and their networks from exposing sensitive business data, as well as personal and financial information. It’s estimated that the average cost of a cyberattack is more than $1 million and results in operational/productivity loss.

Working with a top cybersecurity firm or a cybersecurity professional can allow your organization to be prepared when the next incident strikes. Cybersecurity companies can help you with:

  • Threat management
  • Incident response
  • Remediation
  • Vulnerability management

Cybersecurity consulting firms can also help you create a proactive, strategic cybersecurity strategy that addresses who is responsible when an incident occurs, how to be prepared for an incident and more.

The best cybersecurity companies are those who work alongside your organization, understand your needs and objectives and help you think critically about risk management and mitigation.

Why Eide Bailly
Eide Bailly is a top cybersecurity firm with strong experience in information security, cybersecurity consulting, incident response and more. We work with professionals at every level of your organization; your boards, executives, technical IT admins and general users to provide insight and guidance, so you can feel confident your data is protected.

Build a culture of security today. Work with one of the best cybersecurity firms. Reach out to set up your cybersecurity consultation.