In this Salesforce eBook, you will discover:

• What AI, machine learning, and deep learning actually mean and how it impacts your business

• How AI has evolved, and why it's suddenly a hot topic

• What AI means for your business and the tools you leverage, including key challenges and opportunities

• How AI will impact specific business functions, like your sales, service, marketing, and IT


Salesforce's official introduction of Einstein at Dreamforce '16 has created some big waves in the business world. Suddenly, AI and machine learning have dethroned cloud computing and big data as today's big buzz words.

But what exactly is artificial intelligence and why does it have anything to do with how you run your business?

You may be surprised. We already use AI in our day to days without even realizing it. Whether it's autocomplete in Google searches or product recommendations from Amazon, machine-learning algorithms are the next step in running smart, predictive businesses.

Learn what it means for you and the technology you use to run your business in this field guide eBook from Salesforce.