24/7 Data Breach Response Hotline

Answers When You Need Them Most

A cybersecurity threat or attack can be devastating. Even a potential incident can leak valuable, sensitive information that can damage an organization from a reputational, technical, compliance and/or legal perspective.

Cybersecurity threats never happen when it’s convenient. Businesses reach out to cybersecurity specialists at the 12th hour, needing an emergency responder. Urgency is critical when it comes to a potential data breach.

Uncovering the Truth & Creating a Plan

When it comes to cybersecurity incident response services, you need answers yesterday, including:

  • What has happened?
  • What systems were involved?
  • What sensitive information may have been compromised?
  • What can be done to better protect the organization from future attacks?

Digital forensics and investigative skills can help uncover the facts of a potential cyber attack. Professionals trained in incident response can help identify, document and summarize an incident with the same level of urgency you need. They provide answers when you need them the most and help you create a path to resolution.

You’ve experienced a data breach.
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How We Help


Information You Need

If you're worried about a potential cybersecurity breach, our cyber security and digital forensic investigative techniques will get to the facts. Our goal is to identify the facts related to your breach concerns, so you can make immediate decisions.


Investigative Skills

Our digital forensic skills can help clients who lack the knowledge or resources to investigate a potential incident; or need an independent party to provide incident response management services over their technology infrastructure.


Court-proven Methods

We tailor our incident response approach to meet each of our client’s needs. We use court-proven forensic methodologies to investigate and address breach concerns of malicious software.


Communication when You Need It

Our timely, consistent communication and response will allow your business to gain an understanding of the situation and build a path to resolution.

Our Confidence for Your Peace of Mind

Forensic Accounting

Wide Range of Talent

We are highly credentialed digital forensic professionals with a variety of information security and forensic-related certifications.

Digital Forensics

Extensive Experience

Eide Bailly’s professionals have the incident response investigative experience your organization is in need of for internal investigative, insurance recovery, civil and/or criminal litigation purposes.

Facts for Decisions

The Right Tools

We have made significant investments in cyber forensic technologies to streamline our investigations. Utilizing these resources, we can provide an effective and diligent incident response investigation.


Expert Witnesses

We understand and use the appropriate digital forensic methodologies to be used in a court of law. We have experience providing updates to business owners, management, legal counsel and insurance companies.