Forensic Audit

Inspired to uncover the facts.

You need to find answers to a difficult situation. We perform forensic accounting or forensic audits for all types of matters including fraud detection/Investigation, divorce, financial exploitation, claim review/litigation or you may just need an accountant help resolve a complex financial matter. Use us to help you gain the facts necessary in furtherance to a resolution.

Uncovering the Truth

Forensic accountants and auditors are trained to search through financial records to uncover the facts of a situation. Through fact gathering interviews and financial records examinations, they help identify, document and summarize financial information and records in a timely manner. This information gives you the facts you need to determine your next course of action.

Giving you peace of mind

We know individuals and businesses reach out to forensic accountants at the 12th hour. We take pride in being an emergency responder to these immediate needs as we understand the sense of urgency to resolve concerns of fraud and other financial disputes.


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Our Solution to Resolving Fraud and Financial Concerns

Our forensic accounting team is different than other accounting firms. Our forensic accountants are dedicated to providing forensic accounting services on a daily basis. Our team of professionals have over 100 years of combined financial crime investigations and forensic accounting experience for internal investigations, insurance recovery, dispute resolution, civil, and criminal matters. Rest assured, we know what to look for and where to look when it comes to resolving financial concerns. Coupled with significant investments in forensic technologies to streamline financial investigations, we are the forensic accountants of choice.

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Forensic Accounting

We understand and use the appropriate forensic accounting methodologies in a court of law should it be necessary.

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Isolating Fraud

Our forensic auditors and forensic accounting services understand many types of fraud and how to present this information in a meaningful way when providing:

  • Litigation Support
  • Working with Law enforcement
  • for use in private settlement
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Facts for Decisions
If you're worried about fraud or other financial concerns, our investigative techniques will get to facts. Our goal is to identify the facts related to your concerns, so you can make immediate decisions.