Quantifying and Calculating Economic Damages

Uncover Facts & Identify Financial Losses

Your clients trust you to help them protect their best interests during some of the most trying times of their lives. However, uncovering the facts of the case is more than it seems. Often there are hidden damages and financial losses that need to be identified, quantified and documented.

Determining Your Loss

The objective in quantifying complex financial damages is to make the damaged party whole from an alleged damaging event. This includes determining the economic loss as a result of a damaging event.

Understanding Economic Damages

How do you uncover the unseen? Forensic accountants and examiners can help build a court case and work directly with law firms like yours to find resolution. These experts utilize accounting, economics and investigative skills to determine the impact of a damaging events:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Fraud-related Matters
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Cyber Security Breach

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How We Help

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Business Interuption

If a business interruption or cybersecurity breach insurance claim is involved, we have the expertise to quantify and calculate losses.

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Determining Damages

If you're worried about quantifying or calculating damages, we have the experience you need. Our litigation support process allows us to independently quantify and calculate the impact of economic loss.

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Refuting Damages
If you need help in reviewing damages claimed against your client, we can assist by independently and objectively reviewing the damages for flawed assumptions and/or methodologies.

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Our goal is to help your client, and your law firm, achieve resolution.

Confidence for Your Peace of Mind

› Extensive Experience

Eide Bailly’s economic damages professionals have extensive experience in quantifying and rebutting damages for the use in a court of law.

› Forensic Accountants

As forensic accountants, we are asked to quantify damages in a wide range of cases to help resolve financial disputes.

› Expert Witnesses

We are regularly asked to testify as expert witnesses in the cases we work on.

› Wide Range of Talent

We are Certified Public Accountants, Certified in Financial Forensics, Certified Fraud Examiners, Accredited in Business Valuation, and economists.