We’ll help you empower the right people and technology to protect your data.

Work with a trusted team to help reduce your cyber risk.


Cyberattacks have become inevitable—with 94% of companies experiencing a cyberattack of some form during the last year. This means that taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity is a necessity in today’s business landscape. Even one strike can lead to devastating effects on your organization.

Eide Bailly is a top cybersecurity firm with strong experience in information security, cybersecurity consulting, incident response and more. We work with professionals at every level of your organization; your boards, executives, technical IT admins and general users to provide insight and guidance so you can feel confident your data is protected.

Our team will help you understand your risks and prepare appropriate prevention tactics for each. This includes employee education, establishing budgets, and implementing the right technology for detection and resolution.

Security solutions and services tailored to your business

Deep experience with implementation and optimization of highly effective security tools

IT and business professionals with decades of experience in risk, security, identity and data management

Partner relationships with Microsoft, Cisco, Sonicwall and more industry leading tools



The average total cost of a data breach in the U.S. is now up to $9.48 million. As important as cybersecurity is for your organization—it can also feel difficult and overwhelming.

Eide Bailly takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity, focusing on four major areas:

  • Protect: When there’s less to attack, there’s less you need to defend.
  • Detect: We work to make it easier for you to identify any suspicious activity.
  • Respond: We’ll ensure you’re ready to stop an incident from becoming a breach.
  • Recover: If the worst happens, you’ll be prepared to handle the aftermath.

Whether you are developing a cybersecurity plan, solving a technical problem, training your staff, or recovering from a breach, we’re here.

“All you have to do is read the headlines to see all of the cybersecurity threats out there. With 1,000 HIPAA-protected clients at any one time—most of whom are children and families—we cannot risk a breach. It’s our responsibility to ensure our people are protected, and Eide Bailly has been a critical component in that protection.”

Scott McGuire, CFO | Nexus Family Healing

With direction and guidance from cybersecurity professionals, you can better understand your risks and empower the right people, processes, and technology to protect your data.

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